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Rustam, was a poor youth, who had lost his father, when he was very

young, and was staying with his ailing mother, in Pandey Chawl, at

Karelwadi, Thakurwad, Mumbai. Due to poverty he was not properly

educated. He was dark skinned, thin and very tall, and had a very

shrill voice. Finding employment was a problem for him, due to all

his drawbacks.

Ultimately, he approached one Dadi,Thoothi, who had formed a

drama company to stage dramas, to employ him as an actor.

During that period, cinemas showing silent films had not yet entered

Mumbai, hence, staged dramas were the attractions for entertainment.

During those days, female roles on stage were performed by male

actors. Due to his shrill voice, he was suitable for female roles, but

his tall stature was a handicap. Nevertheless, as his luck would have

it, this handicap turned out to be an asset for the drama company,

because the audience automatically started laughing and clapping

the moment he entered the stage.

During those days, Parsis were performing dramas in Hindi and Urdu

besides Gujarati, hence their dramatic societies performed in other

parts of the country too. Native Rajas, Maharajas, Nawabs were their

main patrons. Once, the Maharaja of Jaipur, invited Dadi Thoothi's

drama company to perform in his palace at Jaipur.

Now it so happened that, Rustamfaramna, besides being an actor,

also served as a "Babarchi" to feed his co-actors. He was an expert at

preparing Parsi dishes like 'Dhan-shak", "Curry-chaval", "Khichri-patio".

Once, Rustamfaramna made bold enough to offer his dish to the

Maharaja and his Indian and Foreign guests who had gathered to watch

a drama of his company. All of them relished the Parsi dishes so much

that it turned turned Rustamfaramna's fortune.

When his drama company prepared to leave Jaipur, to take up some other

assignment, the Maharaja of Jaipur, ordered Rustamfaramna not to leave,

because he wanted to appoint him as a cook in his Royal Guest-House.

All the Indian and Foreign guests of the Maharaja relished the food of

the guest-house so much, that the Maharaja, started sending Rustam-

faramna to his royal guesthouse at Agra too, because most often, the

guests who visited Jaipur, never failed to visit Agra too, to see the Taj,
and other Mughal monuments at Agra and Fatehpur-sikri.

In the good old days,Rustamfaramna's co-actors used to tease him, by

calling him Rustam-Curry-chaval. Now with his changed fortune, he felt

proud of the title awarded to him by his old colleagues.

Gradually, the Maharaja of Jaipur, helped Rustam-faramna, in financing

opening of his independent Hotel Savoy at Agra., which catered to the

rich in European style, with his favorite Parsee dishes. Then onwards,

he moved from rags to riches. He gathered wealth, but unfortunately

had no heir to hand it over.

Thus, the Dadar Parsee Colony, became fortunate enough to have

Its present Rustam-Faramna Agiyari, in 1930.

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Life At Tech M.................

hello to one and all

I m writing after a long time since I was in training
I didn't get ne time...but now after training I got no job to do
so thought shall rite some things.................abt my new job n how it all happ.

well to begin with I was too dam confused what to do
should I go for MCA or do this job
had seriously left it all to God............not told neone
had decided whatever comes first I shall take that up.
And here I come to pune for the job

when I got the offer letter from coll it was written Mumbai and dam we were so happy
later we tried calling that swapnil shukla so many times and he was such a **** person
didn't know what to ans
so later the contact person mentioned we went to see her in the chandivali office
and God we get a shock of our lives there

she tells us to report to pune on 29th June 2007.

and in this all confusion I came to pune to inquire wt to do
since we didn't have ne idea
I met ms. Jodhwani(who took our interview) here
she was cool told me all abt here and the problems going on here
and later confirmed that we need to join at pune n not Mumbai
so on the 27th I land at pune

go around and see the place I need to go
it was a good place Sharda Centre-The corporate Office of Tech M

so on the 29th we all meet outside the office many have come
many are sardars also(hehe)
we were made to wait and later separated as cs and non-cs
and jus imagine we done IT and categorized as non-cs:(
bad isn't it

neway we goto to a room n sit n sit n sit n sit
later our docs r collected
cds r shown
later we r left for lunch which was complimentary
after that we come back n get our accounts opened in a bank(kotak mahindra)
after that we r taken to the library where we get some good shock we r given 12 books as fat as
complete reference java
and told we will be taught all this

taking all the books we goto a hall where we need our finger prints to be taken
we go there n sit but nothing happs we r called on a sat for that work

so we leave at 630 on day one when we r supposed to be left at 530 and
called on a sat when we have a sat Sunday off and to top it all the 12 books

so the next day we come on sat we r given some more shocks as our loc will be gigaspace
thts an hour from the place we were
so all our parents start searching for a home in gigaspace (at viman nagar)
and all get homes there (I stay with my mausi in camp )

later on Monday our first day we goto gigaspace a wonderful place so huge and good construction
we have pt (programming techniques ) lec
and we begin we meet akbar shaik
I still remm the way meenu used to say shaik (by shaking herself )

Later one more shock
we will be shifted to manikchand in next 10 to 15 days
later days went by going to office n coming back with training sessions

we got to meet new friends
got to know each other and dam after 10 days we were shifted to manikchand
so we travel for almost an hour or more everyday to manikchand
manikchand was also good........we started enjoying each day

the "MuZje" of our mentor and the confused harshal
we enjoyed all days
also the tests the results ...........ours going to Mumbai together .........playing antakshari
practicing together.............

we all were together
later when all of us got our pl/sql result though more than half the class failed we all were together
and this brought us all close

and we started to come on sat as well as sun
and enjoying each day
none of us would go home before 6
all would sit n talk n do tp

later retest was given and all cleared quite well
then our behavioural training started
the most wonderful time
with all the activities and the way shohrat(our trainer) organized it for us
all of us had fun
the screaming we did .............the punishments ................the activates..........the lunch we had
oh all seems so recent

and never knew how the 17 days of fun was over
we all had a mixture of feelings when he left
we jus didn't want it to end
though some day it had to................

then the next day we all got our locs another day which we all dreaded
all of us got separated and the days after those went so horrible what do I say
but still we all r in each others contact and also I remm the dinner we had on the 18th
it was fun all together

so all of us will always keep in touch and the fond memories will always be there
u all too can add ne
do tc and keep smiling and enjoy the projects in which u all are
I too will enjoy when I get one

Saturday, July 07, 2007



Forget 'Life in a Metro'. 'Life in a Parsi Colony' should be made into a movie!

In Mumbai, you will unarguably find the largest concentration of Parsis in the community's many 'baugs', or exclusive residential areas where despite the illusionary calm there is, very often, simmering strife, racy rumours are perennially rife, and there is many a shrieking wife…

Parsi women of a certain vintage are blessed with a booming voice box that often entertains an entire block with its blasting blah-blah, and it is not unusual for family quibbles and complaints to be broadcast aloud - not so much by design as by default because, 'dikra', what do you do when manic 'mumma' loses volume control?

Then, in the 'baugs', you also have any number of aunties in their nightgowns, regally rechristened as 'gowns', and worn throughout the day, often even on errands in and around the baug, expanding their ample lungs and expending admirable vocal energy not just within their homes but beyond as well. It is not unusual to see them standing at their windows, which, incidentally, in the 'baugs', is a revered tradition, engaging in loud words with one another ("kem chey, soo karech, aaje su randhiyu" - a sort of standard polite talk that centres around what each one is doing/cooking), as well as hollering at sundry hawkers and summoning them at their beckoning.

The hawkers who populate the Parsi 'baugs' make for an interesting exhibit in themselves - and should Madame Tussaud's ever decide to cast them in wax, they would be infinitely more interesting than Shah Rukh Khan in a 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' jacket or Amitabh Bachchan in his latest toupee.

Parsi colonies are home to some really eccentric and exotic types, and we don't just mean the folk who live there but those humble minions who bring them their daily sustenance right to their doorstep.

The 'baugs' have a great network of hawkers of all hue, right from the early morning milkman (in the days before the Parsi Dairy Farm family fallout and lockout, their 'bhaiyyas' in blue were a hallmark). Then, there is the ubiquitous 'pauwalla' or bread man, who brings warm bakery 'paus' in a wooden trunk strapped on to a cycle, and goes from flat to flat slicing up one little round mound after another, based on personal preference: thick slice, thin slice, 'karak pau', 'naram pau'. Parsis love their 'pau', and seldom eat the more wholesome/wholegrain 'chappati'. The 'pauwalla' is, hence, not just a very welcome visitor but almost an extension of the family, winding up as he does on the doorstep every day, sometimes morning and evening, and although generally from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, like the 'doodhwalla', he invariably speaks perfect 'Parsi Gujarati', perhaps even down to all the colloquial cusswords if you cared to find out. Once a year, he unfailingly disappears on an extended visit to his hometown in some interior hinterland, leaving behind a nephew, who, rather quickly, becomes as familiar with the families he helps feed.

The Parsis may not be many things, but they are a friendly lot who almost immediately and instantly appropriate virtually every stranger as "aapro" something-or-the-other - and this is a particularly baug thing. So there's "aapro doodhwallo", "aapro pauwallo" "aapro goswallo"…

Ah! The goswallo is, perhaps, the most wanted of them all. For a true-blue Parsi non-vegetarianism is a virtue that cannot be eschewed, and, indeed, must be diligently chewed (bones and all) meal upon meal. So the meat and fish vendors are pounced upon by hasty housewives keen to complete their culinary chores.

Not surprisingly, then, in most 'baugs' the smells that assail you upon arrival will be overpoweringly fishy and fleshy, especially in the forenoon, as kitchens emanate the odours of fish, fowl or four-legged beast being basted and broiled.

With younger wives working and having no time to cook, the 'dabbawallas' come in handy. Or, else, there's RTI that sends in the tiffin, with its printed menus circulated at the start of every month.

Other than food, fun is on most people's minds. Friendly football/volleyball/throwball matches are routinely played, as are tricks of all kinds - generally in good humour, although not always so!

Life in the 'baugs' is not entirely without controversy and cacophony. But, overall, it's a blessed existence. Where else in Mumbai will you get airy environs enhanced by the genteel grace that the Parsi colonies emanate, and for many non-Parsis these are much-envied havens of solitude and seclusion. For most Parsis they are a way of life, as, for the better part, no matter where they roam, at the end of the day, one or another 'baug' is invariably home.


* The 'Maijees'

They wear 'gowns' (nightgowns) through the day, both in and out of the house, sometimes changing them as often as three times before finally going to sleep in them. They virtually live their lives on their windowsills, vicariously watching what goes on, with whom, where, and what-have-you!

* The 'Bawajis'

They wear their 'lehgas' (loose and flapping above the ankles), with their 'sudreh-kusti' on top, and if someone arrives at the door, or they need to step out, a hasty shirt is slipped on. They generally took voluntary retirement eons ago and take an avid interest in world affairs, such as oomphy Hollywood actresses (old and new) and female tennis stars (Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, but with the exception of Martina Navratilova!).

* The 'Cutlets'

They range in age from 16 to 60 and generally ride aimlessly on motorbikes around the baugs. They check out women all the time, greet each other affectionately with a volley of abuses, and are about as bright as dead meat. Hence, the nickname: "Cutlets"'!

* The 'Fatakrees'

Parsi colony girls are, by and large, comely and rather coveted. Making the most of their slinky youth, they strut around in strappy tops, too-tight jeans and preen over their own peaches-and-cream perfection. These fetching firecrackers ('Fatakrees') sizzle briefly (till they catch the eye of some 'Cutlet' and coyly become his side-dish), after which they fizzle into oblivion and their grandmothers' nightgowns.

The 'Chuckoos'

Every 'baug' has a few over-smart sorts who manage to make it big, or, at any rate, pretend that they have. They flaunt, flash and fling in everyone's face the symbols of their come-too-quick success. From their swollen-headed swagger to their several cars that mess up everybody else's parking space, to the lavish money-burning 'navjote' ceremonies of their children, these showoffs ('Chuckoos') reinvent one-upmanship all the time.

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You know you're Parsi when...

You know you're Parsi when...

-Your mom wakes you up extra early on the first day of school/your parsi
birthday so that she can do tili and sagaan. You go to school and your
friends ask you why the hell you have rice in your hair.

-You compulsively drink tea at all hours of the day[in India you wake up
your servants at 3 am and tell them to make you tea]

-You stress out over the most ridiculous things.

-You know the precise definition of ben chod and madder chod and you teach
them to your friends.

-You're off the marriage market if you get too tan.

-However, if you're fair enough, it doesn't matter what you look like or how
smart you are, you'll get a decent spouse.

-You know at least 3 ways to use oil. Only 2 of which include cooking.

-You've had to drink cow piss at least once in your life.

-You've bathed in milk and rose petals at least once in your life.

-You've had to change your clothes in front of 400 people, while your mom
and the rest of the women in the family were holding up a cloth so that
nobody could see you.

-You've had to pull off wearing 5-9 yards of silk wrapped around you.

-You've had the equivalent of at least one peg of brandy by age 10.

-Your parents have decided who you should marry by age 10.

-Aunties have seen you as Vohu[daughter-in-law] material since age 5.

-You're ridiculously pampered if you're a boy, especially the first boy.

-Nobody can every pronounce your name and/or last name properly.

-When ordering a drink at Starbucks you've give a name that is pronounceable
to the American public. Ex. Phiroze becomes Phil.

-You give your dog a tili on his/her birthday.

-You buy a new car and the first things you do:
oYou take an egg, spin it around the car seven times
and throw the egg on the ground
oYou put a tili on all 4 tires and on the front bumper.
oYou roll over some lemons and eggs with the tires.

-You've eaten about every single type of food.. "per edu"

-You eat at least 3 eggs a day but will still probably live into your 90's.

-You've been asked why there's a "string" hanging from the back of your

-Indians never believe you when you say you're from there.

-People were drunk at your first birthday party.

-If you marry a "parjat"[non-parsi] your parents will disown you for a year
or two but then eventually come around, though never entirely.

-Your uncle gave you champagne when you were 4 days old.

-All of your sadhras have a little red letter on it with your initial.

-Your middle name is your father's name... no if's and's or but's about
it... doesn't matter if you're male or female.

-More than likely your last name ends in –walla, -wala, -vala, or –ia.

-Your last name also more than likely means some type of profession or where
you're from.

-You've felt the need to snap three times when somebody says something bad
or when there's anything that might suggest Ahriman's[the devil's]

-You'd be skinned alive if you ever wore black to a wedding, navjote or your
own birthday party.

-Wearing a ring on your left hand before marriage is bad luck and means
you'll never get married.

-Our idea of a blessing is to have a bunch of rice and rose petals pelted at

-You've been told never to eat fish with yogurt.

-Never cut your hair on Hormaz roj.

-You are vegetarian on certain days.

-You know that peacocks are bad luck.

-You'd pick yellow gold over any metal any day.

-You celebrate New Year 3 times a year. Once on January 1st with the rest of
the world. Once in Spring for Navroze, and once in August for Pateti.

-You have two birthdays and get presents on both days.

-If you're a girl, you've mastered the fine art of cutting an onion by age

-You've had a cold and been forced to drink milk and haldi, which didn't
even help your cold but on top of that gave you a stomach ache.

-If you're a boy, your mom has to teach you to do laundry when you go to
college or you just save it until you come home.

-You know about the mystical powers of 4711 Eau de Cologne… AKA COLOGNE
WATER because Parsis can't speak French if their life depended on it, and
yet you have a bizarre love for all things British or French

-Your parents make you drink brandy when you're sick, and whisky if they
think you might be getting sick.

-Your friends come to a Parsi party and think you have a ridiculously huge
family because you call everyone auntie or uncle.

-You wore a jabloo as a child.

-You have to go to India or Iran to go to temple.

-You give your dogs either parsi names or name them after alcohol (ie.
Brandy, Whiskey, Rum, Sherry, Gin, etc.).

-Said dog loves parsi food.

-You use expressions like "Khodai!" or "Bapre" or "Oh mari maire" all the

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A Short Story On Life

Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn't know how she was going to make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed.

Her father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot and ground coffee beans in the third pot.

He then let them sit and boil, without saying a word to his daughter. The daughter, moaned and impatiently waited, wondering what he was doing. After twenty minutes he turned off the burners. He took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. He then ladled the coffee out and placed it in a cup.

Turning to her, he asked. "Daughter, what do you see?" "Potatoes, eggs, and coffee," she hastily replied. "Look closer", he said, "and touch the potatoes." She did and noted that they were soft. He then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg. Finally, he asked her to sip the coffee. Its rich aroma brought a smile to her face. "Father, what does this mean?" she asked. He then explained that the potatoes, the eggs and coffee beans had each faced the same adversity-the boiling water. However, each one reacted differently. The potato went in strong, hard, and unrelenting, but in boiling water, it became soft and weak. The egg was fragile, with the thin outer shell protecting its liquid interior until it was put in the boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became hard. However, the ground coffee beans were unique. After they were exposed to the boiling water, they changed the water and created something new. "Which one are you," he asked his daughter. "When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a potato, an egg, or a coffee bean?" In life, things happen around us, things happen to us, but the only thing that truly matters is what happens within us. Which one are you? When problems come (and they will) how will we react?

Will they make us weak, hard hearted or will they cause us to change into something worthwhile?

Think about it...

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."

so do reply as a comment to wht ur
ill wait
tc n smile always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So finally even the last semester got over !!!
wht can i say three years of full fun n masti
all over!!
but one gud thing we hav the best memories ever
and even when i rite some of them here i am sure each one has a new tale to tell u
each one has his own view and may be i may nt remm and put down all wht i feel as i am sure there is much more than jus the things i rite
so lets nt waste time and let me begin

coll starts i am yet nt sure wht to do enng or bsc . going to coll
meeting new ppl having fun
first person i talked to was kavita
then we start regular coll
everyday some new faces
everyday some friends leaving n going
still enjoying
we meet our seniors
they hav kept a freshers party for us
plead us to come
we as freshers r scared so reluctant didnt know wht fun we missing
jus a few ppl of abt 15 said yes
party was arranged , i had nt been there
but i still remm tht day when party was arranged we had no lecs so
all of us started to play dum sharas in class
nt jus 4-5 but a lot of 25 of us were playing
tht was the begening of our friendship

now began we knowing each other well
we used to visit one anothers house when ever possible
we even visited mount mary
also went to bandra bandstand
and worli sea face
and all this in grps of 20
fun was always there
oh how we miss it

then came exams all studying hard for them
each one trying to do their best
results were out some were happy some were sad
yet smiling since there is always next time

then came the next sem
we came across a subject called psdc (personality skills development course)
again a subject full of fun
first lec and we are given partners and we hav to speak to them and then to the class abt them
my partner was sam
and tht was the first time we came to know his full name sudarshan
then came our first project and all were busy doing tht
again with fun
and then teasing lijo sir his complains
we gave him his best new years gift
a complain
he had even cried in class
oh wht days those were
still he taught us and we learnt

then next year came miss seema oh she was one torture
somehow taught us for two sems and then she herself left
hehe but we did trouble her
remm sushils incident of bk banging
and her asking sushil tum fail ho gaye
and then we teasing sushil

then we also had floods tht year
so much water
life was in danger yet all were saved
ashu gaurav went walking to dombilvali
shrikants house was totally under water
divya rita kavita n binda spent 3 days at someone elses place
vikas shohef ashu gaurav priyesh n priyesh were at some ones elses house for a day
they hav their own tale to tell for tht day
the day no one can forget

later we had one of our seniors passing away
we all even though didnt know her personally were really shaken up

then came the third year
well final year all nt yet ready still coll starts of soon
we hav our teachers shouting at us for bad results of previous sem
all of them warning us to study well
n hard saying its nt easy nt easy to pass

then we had a little lec abt to start searching for projects and start doing
ppl are nt able to complete
so do it frm now this n tht

then came exams within no time to breath
all again busy studying
later we had fun going to goa n relaxing a bit

it was feb n no results yet
never delayed them so late
and they had declared date for finals in march
ppl assumed we would get both results to gether

but then there was a strike and dates were postponed to may
and results were out on 14th feb
such a lovely day na
now we all are busy studying for our exam in may

none of us can forget those memories of coll
and it will always be as fresh as ever
i wish all of u the best of luck do tc
and do welllllllllllllllll

And well yes all those reading this blog if i missed on nething do post it in the comment it will be fun to read
hav fun bbye

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go Goa !! Here I Come Again

So its been a year since i had visited Goa and my visit to Goa was nt expected at all
i had nt paid money when i had to since my dad was nt well later his operation was done quickly so then i could go to Goa (the much awaited trip) but our mam Sudha mam told us NO (A Big One) ,Yet Each one kept trying (so sweet of them ;)),still the ans was a no..

Now u must be wondering then tht how did i go??Let me tell u

I was to give my friends a surprise by going to the station .Since last year itself i had been there they wanted some hats and uno to play so i was carrying it.
So when i went there instead of me surprising them they gave me a big surprise :))
sir told me there is two ppl who wont be comming and instead of tht i could come (only on one seat haan).
So these ppl told me to run and within half an hour i had to go back home n come back with my bag like some marathon run.These ppl delayed the train for me by 10 mins ,these ppl were pakuing the guard so finally i reached and train started in jus 10 secs.
When i reached the msg had already reached the other dabba where my friends were waiting and all started shouting n whisteling and singing God it was such a wonderful moment
in the entire trip this was the most wonderful thing tht happ.
now lets move furthur ,
so i reached now journey started we took some pics in train all masti going on in the train .
finally reached at 130 am
after tht we went to our buses
our bus driver was one char. he forgot the road n took us to a dead end and stopped the bus there. Later he jus kept moving in circles arround a church.finally we took the bus keys frm him n made him wait we called sir up.Later tht drunkard went to someones place and started knowing at 2 in the nite . Hopefully no one shouted and till then our tour operator came
soo we reached safely.
then we got out rooms.
the room i got was quite n oki one had red ants bed bugs no flush working yet it was my room;)
so neway my room partners were Madhavi Janu Anisa
all three cool girls
at 4 they started munching chips and puranpoli .
later we slept


we all had put alarams so i got up at 6 later anisas alaram was quite bugging ringing in every 10 mins and the tone was eeeeeh!
neways i and janu got up
but had nothing to do hot water didnt come
it was to come at 645
so we were waiting
later other rooms it came yet our room didnt get hot water
so we were waiting called the reception '
he came n saw someone had closed the mains
so it was already 715 and we had to reach at 8 n 4 of us to bathe (all 4 girls)
still nt as bad as u r thinking we did manage
and reached by 830
had breakfast n left to visit the temples
temples were gud
first one we visited was having a huge pond with fishes n a snake
wonderful site to see
later we visited 2 more temples
then we went back to hotel
later had lunch food was gud here then we had to leave immediately to visit an industry
we visited ANDREW quite a gud place
they were into manufacturing of cables and anntenas
showed us how they r made and how they keep track of all the items through computers
wht r the diff antennas n cables they make routers n stuff
and how its all linked with each other
it toook us abt 2 hrs in the company .Later as a complementary token of appreciation they gave us a pen .
so back to fun then
after this we went to the beach(
this beach was beautiful
to be alone on this beach took me into my own thoughts
i had a wonderful time there
and also the sun was setting (ooooooooooo so romantic ,but believe me being alone was also fun;))
later we went to our hotel
had dinner then sat to do tp
all singin songs n saying all faltu things.
it was almost 3 when we slept

day 3::

so again getting up at 6,but this time i went out at 6 and was doing tp down
had one round with ashu n came back.
Got ready n was in the room itself didnt go down
i got little late to reach the bus this time but yet reached (thts more imp ,rite)
here we saw a cheque sorting machine alone with a bill payment machine
was jus 15 mins inside the company
but there were 4 grps
so it took us time.
Later we went and had lunch near fort aguada
gud shady place
later went to the fort saw the fort took lots of pics
then went to the beach
baga beach
all did masti here
with water sports in banana ride n scooter.
it was again evening time so my fav time
again was aloof but yet nt much alone but enjoyed .
later vikas myself sir shrikant n mam went to hav fish
we had fun there clicking some pics and dedicating songs (there was some free service to request for a song)
later since we were getting late we packed the fish n left.
reached hotel then again had dinner
after having dinner we remm abt the fish :(
so then we asked sir and mam they were in no mood
so we had amongst all our friends after 12
now next day was sirs bday
and we all had descided nt to wish him .
he was recieveing some phone calls and waiting till 1 so tht someone would wish him
but we all were doing masti
then at 130 we all went to one room were subha told us a ghost story .
had fun hearing it (it cannot be told wont be fun u need subha to tell u the story )
next some of them left others waited and all gupshup
then we slept by 4(didnt ever feel like sleeping at 4 also but then had to get some sleep na).

day 4::

now next day moring we got up as usual i had slept in the other room with subha rita divya n kavita (bcos my room all slept by 2 and i was awake till 4)
so i came to my room saw everyone sleeping woke them up
then went to my balcony
there i heard sir talking to someone saying thanku (sirs room above mine)
later i told him gud morning sir.then he was asking me for an iron since he wanted to wear formals
i said sir pehen lo kisko pata nai chalega;)
fir when i went down i was with janu and jus sir was ready
so sir was wearing formals we told him u r luking gud sir and he felt gud:)
there we were given no preferance jus made us see some corrals fishes n stones
and sent us back
then we went to see dona paula (place where two lovers jumped n died )
we took pics and did some shopping here
then we went to see churches
we saw two beautiful churches one of them was St. PETERS church
too gud !!!!!!
well here sir liked some statue sort of thing (dunno properly wht it ws)
so he told me tht he liked it
i told sir lets see how much it is ,he told me its for 900
we again asked tht lady to lower the price she refused and sir didnt argue much since it was the church
later we were abt to leave and i started walking when shrikant called me n told me lets gift this to sir
so we asked ppl
and took it for sir
but since it was huge we had to hide it frm sir so tht he doesnt hav a luk at it
so we were trying to hide it frm sir
we took help frm mam
i told mam to take sir out of this place so tht we can bring it safely
so mam was eating channa she told sir ,"hey lijo yeh chana kahan se liya chal jaldi mujhe aur chahiye" ;)
and this is how we safely took it to the bus
now later we went to our hotel had lunch then took little rest
then we had to get ready for disco
so tht took us abt 7 to get ready n come down
later sujit was nt well
having too much fever
so we took him to a doc so tht made our bus late ,which in turn made sir upset
now we entered the disco
all were enjoying we took sir to dance after sometime
and then suddenly gaurav fainted
there was painc
lights switched on music off and shouts for water and ppl to move away
we told sir to make him lie down on his lap
and he did exactly then water was brought and splashed by the sys(they didnt know we were joking ),so when they splashed water gaurav got up and wished sir happy bday
sir was so shocked
he couldnt move for 30 secs
later when we all sang happy bday he was smiling but still shivering :D
then we cut cake gave him the gift and also bday bumps
sir was very happy
then we all danced (i didnt bcos i couldnt bear the lights )
later i felt too giddy then we all went to the bus
then all back to hotel
ate talked n slept by 4


we got up at 730 this time
we didnt wanna goto the beach so most of us were at the hotel packing and doing tp near the pool
then i went to hav fish in the nearby resto but it wasnt gud
so we returned
later we all got ready n left for the station
reached station at 545
and train arrived and we came back to mumbai

this was my small n cute experience which i had with my gud friends
hope those who read it like it
thanks for bearing with my riting
and to all my friends a big huge thanx to make this trip a very memorable for me
hip hip hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
hope we hav such trips often