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Thanks to Nitin / Yatin

A small incident ... which i liked a lot... I went to the bus stop to catch the bus...and there was a old lady standing there.. Seeing me she wished me Good Morning..:) The she asked me if I worked for BT...and I said yes.. Then she told me, that you know yest i spoke to someone from BT for my connection... and we spoke for an hour yet the issue was not resolved, however the person whom i spoke with was very polite and patient The first thing she told him was tht she knew nothing about the computer and she was a bit deaf, and hearing this the fellow told her not a problem he will help her.. and he tried for an hour and yet he couldnt resolve the issue... he had her pc on remote and there she saw her name as Nitin/Yatin K... She told me she really wanted to thank him for being so patient and polite with her.. she really liked it.. she told me she was a teacher and she first used to teach at the university for some years... now she teaches to girls of the military ppl.. she always belive