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Go Goa !! Here I Come Again

So its been a year since i had visited Goa and my visit to Goa was nt expected at all
i had nt paid money when i had to since my dad was nt well later his operation was done quickly so then i could go to Goa (the much awaited trip) but our mam Sudha mam told us NO (A Big One) ,Yet Each one kept trying (so sweet of them ;)),still the ans was a no..

Now u must be wondering then tht how did i go??Let me tell u

I was to give my friends a surprise by going to the station .Since last year itself i had been there they wanted some hats and uno to play so i was carrying it.
So when i went there instead of me surprising them they gave me a big surprise :))
sir told me there is two ppl who wont be comming and instead of tht i could come (only on one seat haan).
So these ppl told me to run and within half an hour i had to go back home n come back with my bag like some marathon run.These ppl delayed the train for me by 10 mins ,these ppl were pakuing the guard so finally i reached and train started in jus 10 secs.
When i reached the msg had already reached the other dabba where my friends were waiting and all started shouting n whisteling and singing God it was such a wonderful moment
in the entire trip this was the most wonderful thing tht happ.
now lets move furthur ,
so i reached now journey started we took some pics in train all masti going on in the train .
finally reached at 130 am
after tht we went to our buses
our bus driver was one char. he forgot the road n took us to a dead end and stopped the bus there. Later he jus kept moving in circles arround a church.finally we took the bus keys frm him n made him wait we called sir up.Later tht drunkard went to someones place and started knowing at 2 in the nite . Hopefully no one shouted and till then our tour operator came
soo we reached safely.
then we got out rooms.
the room i got was quite n oki one had red ants bed bugs no flush working yet it was my room;)
so neway my room partners were Madhavi Janu Anisa
all three cool girls
at 4 they started munching chips and puranpoli .
later we slept


we all had put alarams so i got up at 6 later anisas alaram was quite bugging ringing in every 10 mins and the tone was eeeeeh!
neways i and janu got up
but had nothing to do hot water didnt come
it was to come at 645
so we were waiting
later other rooms it came yet our room didnt get hot water
so we were waiting called the reception '
he came n saw someone had closed the mains
so it was already 715 and we had to reach at 8 n 4 of us to bathe (all 4 girls)
still nt as bad as u r thinking we did manage
and reached by 830
had breakfast n left to visit the temples
temples were gud
first one we visited was having a huge pond with fishes n a snake
wonderful site to see
later we visited 2 more temples
then we went back to hotel
later had lunch food was gud here then we had to leave immediately to visit an industry
we visited ANDREW quite a gud place
they were into manufacturing of cables and anntenas
showed us how they r made and how they keep track of all the items through computers
wht r the diff antennas n cables they make routers n stuff
and how its all linked with each other
it toook us abt 2 hrs in the company .Later as a complementary token of appreciation they gave us a pen .
so back to fun then
after this we went to the beach(
this beach was beautiful
to be alone on this beach took me into my own thoughts
i had a wonderful time there
and also the sun was setting (ooooooooooo so romantic ,but believe me being alone was also fun;))
later we went to our hotel
had dinner then sat to do tp
all singin songs n saying all faltu things.
it was almost 3 when we slept

day 3::

so again getting up at 6,but this time i went out at 6 and was doing tp down
had one round with ashu n came back.
Got ready n was in the room itself didnt go down
i got little late to reach the bus this time but yet reached (thts more imp ,rite)
here we saw a cheque sorting machine alone with a bill payment machine
was jus 15 mins inside the company
but there were 4 grps
so it took us time.
Later we went and had lunch near fort aguada
gud shady place
later went to the fort saw the fort took lots of pics
then went to the beach
baga beach
all did masti here
with water sports in banana ride n scooter.
it was again evening time so my fav time
again was aloof but yet nt much alone but enjoyed .
later vikas myself sir shrikant n mam went to hav fish
we had fun there clicking some pics and dedicating songs (there was some free service to request for a song)
later since we were getting late we packed the fish n left.
reached hotel then again had dinner
after having dinner we remm abt the fish :(
so then we asked sir and mam they were in no mood
so we had amongst all our friends after 12
now next day was sirs bday
and we all had descided nt to wish him .
he was recieveing some phone calls and waiting till 1 so tht someone would wish him
but we all were doing masti
then at 130 we all went to one room were subha told us a ghost story .
had fun hearing it (it cannot be told wont be fun u need subha to tell u the story )
next some of them left others waited and all gupshup
then we slept by 4(didnt ever feel like sleeping at 4 also but then had to get some sleep na).

day 4::

now next day moring we got up as usual i had slept in the other room with subha rita divya n kavita (bcos my room all slept by 2 and i was awake till 4)
so i came to my room saw everyone sleeping woke them up
then went to my balcony
there i heard sir talking to someone saying thanku (sirs room above mine)
later i told him gud morning sir.then he was asking me for an iron since he wanted to wear formals
i said sir pehen lo kisko pata nai chalega;)
fir when i went down i was with janu and jus sir was ready
so sir was wearing formals we told him u r luking gud sir and he felt gud:)
there we were given no preferance jus made us see some corrals fishes n stones
and sent us back
then we went to see dona paula (place where two lovers jumped n died )
we took pics and did some shopping here
then we went to see churches
we saw two beautiful churches one of them was St. PETERS church
too gud !!!!!!
well here sir liked some statue sort of thing (dunno properly wht it ws)
so he told me tht he liked it
i told sir lets see how much it is ,he told me its for 900
we again asked tht lady to lower the price she refused and sir didnt argue much since it was the church
later we were abt to leave and i started walking when shrikant called me n told me lets gift this to sir
so we asked ppl
and took it for sir
but since it was huge we had to hide it frm sir so tht he doesnt hav a luk at it
so we were trying to hide it frm sir
we took help frm mam
i told mam to take sir out of this place so tht we can bring it safely
so mam was eating channa she told sir ,"hey lijo yeh chana kahan se liya chal jaldi mujhe aur chahiye" ;)
and this is how we safely took it to the bus
now later we went to our hotel had lunch then took little rest
then we had to get ready for disco
so tht took us abt 7 to get ready n come down
later sujit was nt well
having too much fever
so we took him to a doc so tht made our bus late ,which in turn made sir upset
now we entered the disco
all were enjoying we took sir to dance after sometime
and then suddenly gaurav fainted
there was painc
lights switched on music off and shouts for water and ppl to move away
we told sir to make him lie down on his lap
and he did exactly then water was brought and splashed by the sys(they didnt know we were joking ),so when they splashed water gaurav got up and wished sir happy bday
sir was so shocked
he couldnt move for 30 secs
later when we all sang happy bday he was smiling but still shivering :D
then we cut cake gave him the gift and also bday bumps
sir was very happy
then we all danced (i didnt bcos i couldnt bear the lights )
later i felt too giddy then we all went to the bus
then all back to hotel
ate talked n slept by 4


we got up at 730 this time
we didnt wanna goto the beach so most of us were at the hotel packing and doing tp near the pool
then i went to hav fish in the nearby resto but it wasnt gud
so we returned
later we all got ready n left for the station
reached station at 545
and train arrived and we came back to mumbai

this was my small n cute experience which i had with my gud friends
hope those who read it like it
thanks for bearing with my riting
and to all my friends a big huge thanx to make this trip a very memorable for me
hip hip hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
hope we hav such trips often


Anonymous said…
readin this part of ur bolg made me really mad to go to goa once..
u had a lovely exp.. exp such blast was dream come true..

nice way to give surprises to ppl:)
Ashwani J said…
just trotting around , found your blog. Actually a gr8 admirer of Parsi Religion and happen to be in contact with a few of them in small town of M.P.All of cinema houses in my town were owned by them , All changed now those cinemas are shopping malls today. Time ruins And as always Good Things and people Comes in very small quantity and Lesser the quantity Higher the quality. No matter things , people or thoughts. Good Sharing Tanaz.
PS:- I saw your pic, feels like you are very easy going and always happy at Heart. Live it Up. Shine always. i am

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