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Every one of us dreams Dreams are a part of each ones lifes but some dreams are so scary tht u get up in a bad mood one such dream i would like to share with u dont exactly remm when but somewhere 2 weeks back Well it started this way i am at malad and i am looking at a train which is about to leave, i run for the train but am unable to run and i fall down after i get up again start running and get into the last dabba this dabba is general dabba and i decide to get down next station n get into ladies but next station doesnt at all come i am waiting waiting finally i get onto plaza and the train somehow leaves me at plaza bridge (well dunno how the train reached there but its a dream yaar some funny things) so finally i get down there now i walk to wards the bus stop while walking i reach bus stop but there is no one there jus no one no one on the road jus some ppl who r drunk or very dirty n skiny am i am standing no cars moving no bus nothing at all i am so scared i start shivering i