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26th a bad no!!

the no 26 has always bought bad memories be it the earthquake or floods in mumbai all tht hapened was on this date the 26th 26th feb was godhra, 26th jan earthquake, 26th dec tsunami, 26th june gujrat floods, 26th july mumbai floods and now on 26th august i had one more horrible day went to coll to jus learn tht shewta one of our seniours jus expired in the morning due to stomach cancer god she not being well known to all of us still couldnt concentrate on our work even dread to think of lossing someone we know well hope such a day never comes!! one request to all ppl do take gud care of urself if not for urself for me!!

nice evening

hi i am writing after a long time but then wht to do jus didnt feel like today i was missing mom dad a lot infact was sad even before they left jus didnt want them to go but any way they too need a break later i called up all friends none was available then finally got dumdum talked to him felt better later came home was doing maths didnt even do 1 sum later was solving su doku somehow its nice time pass gets u thinking and time passed away later had a blast of a time uncle took us out had dinner in mahesh sea food resto had fish afetr a long time bill came upto 1000 later had a big round uncle showed us nice restos in town then went to gateway choupatti then had ice cream and back home had lots of fun !! tomm again we gonna go out so then lets c wht all we do will rite soon !!!!

water water everywhere , but jus no water to drink

yes this is wht the present condition is of mumbai there is water everywhere but not water which neone can drink ppl still dont have lights in their houses water jus isnt coming due to no power where there is power water is full of dirt jus cant imagine to drink ppl r taking precautions for typhiod malaria etc these vaccines r given for free all has come to a stand still there has been no coll no school since a week now even a little rain n ppl get scared ppl r scared to move out of the house but still hats off to all those wonderfull ppl who have been helping needful ppl giving food water n clothing we jus thank to all those ppl water can also cause so much destruction ever thought of it??