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Life At Tech M.................

hello to one and all

I m writing after a long time since I was in training
I didn't get ne time...but now after training I got no job to do
so thought shall rite some things.................abt my new job n how it all happ.

well to begin with I was too dam confused what to do
should I go for MCA or do this job
had seriously left it all to God............not told neone
had decided whatever comes first I shall take that up.
And here I come to pune for the job

when I got the offer letter from coll it was written Mumbai and dam we were so happy
later we tried calling that swapnil shukla so many times and he was such a **** person
didn't know what to ans
so later the contact person mentioned we went to see her in the chandivali office
and God we get a shock of our lives there

she tells us to report to pune on 29th June 2007.

and in this all confusion I came to pune to inquire wt to do
since we didn't have ne idea
I met ms. Jodhwani(who took our interview) here
she was cool told me all abt here and the problems going on here
and later confirmed that we need to join at pune n not Mumbai
so on the 27th I land at pune

go around and see the place I need to go
it was a good place Sharda Centre-The corporate Office of Tech M

so on the 29th we all meet outside the office many have come
many are sardars also(hehe)
we were made to wait and later separated as cs and non-cs
and jus imagine we done IT and categorized as non-cs:(
bad isn't it

neway we goto to a room n sit n sit n sit n sit
later our docs r collected
cds r shown
later we r left for lunch which was complimentary
after that we come back n get our accounts opened in a bank(kotak mahindra)
after that we r taken to the library where we get some good shock we r given 12 books as fat as
complete reference java
and told we will be taught all this

taking all the books we goto a hall where we need our finger prints to be taken
we go there n sit but nothing happs we r called on a sat for that work

so we leave at 630 on day one when we r supposed to be left at 530 and
called on a sat when we have a sat Sunday off and to top it all the 12 books

so the next day we come on sat we r given some more shocks as our loc will be gigaspace
thts an hour from the place we were
so all our parents start searching for a home in gigaspace (at viman nagar)
and all get homes there (I stay with my mausi in camp )

later on Monday our first day we goto gigaspace a wonderful place so huge and good construction
we have pt (programming techniques ) lec
and we begin we meet akbar shaik
I still remm the way meenu used to say shaik (by shaking herself )

Later one more shock
we will be shifted to manikchand in next 10 to 15 days
later days went by going to office n coming back with training sessions

we got to meet new friends
got to know each other and dam after 10 days we were shifted to manikchand
so we travel for almost an hour or more everyday to manikchand
manikchand was also good........we started enjoying each day

the "MuZje" of our mentor and the confused harshal
we enjoyed all days
also the tests the results ...........ours going to Mumbai together .........playing antakshari
practicing together.............

we all were together
later when all of us got our pl/sql result though more than half the class failed we all were together
and this brought us all close

and we started to come on sat as well as sun
and enjoying each day
none of us would go home before 6
all would sit n talk n do tp

later retest was given and all cleared quite well
then our behavioural training started
the most wonderful time
with all the activities and the way shohrat(our trainer) organized it for us
all of us had fun
the screaming we did .............the punishments ................the activates..........the lunch we had
oh all seems so recent

and never knew how the 17 days of fun was over
we all had a mixture of feelings when he left
we jus didn't want it to end
though some day it had to................

then the next day we all got our locs another day which we all dreaded
all of us got separated and the days after those went so horrible what do I say
but still we all r in each others contact and also I remm the dinner we had on the 18th
it was fun all together

so all of us will always keep in touch and the fond memories will always be there
u all too can add ne
do tc and keep smiling and enjoy the projects in which u all are
I too will enjoy when I get one


Tanaz Kerawala said…
Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!Hi!!!!!!!!
Hey you made me cry dear.
Why are you all so nice????????????

hey dear its nothing to cry abt jus
keep these memories with u and enjoy them
enjoy and hav a great day
tc bbye

Really Nice one Tanaz...
It again brought tears in my eyes.....
We'll never forget the 3 months which we spent together specially the 17 days with Shohrat.
When we have our lunch in Panchsheel we manage to sit on one table instead of which we used to sit on five tables together.
I miss those His n Byes which we used to do when we were together.....
Really miss those days....
These are the days which I will cherish for my whole life....

Miss You Guys...... a Lot.........

Take care....
yes deepa
we all will miss all those days
and dont cry jus be happy
and enjoy ur days
we all will meet soon and enjoy again
do tc n hav a wonderful day ahead
All those days which we spent 2gether came infront of my eyes when I read ur mail...
Neways this is what we called as life...
So we all have to move on...

Hi all,
Just read this letter written by Tanaz n remembered all the happy days I had spent with u all.
The time pass which we used to do and they way we all used to study hard….i remembered tht all…
All the videos we took of many stupid things we did in the class…those were the days…we all were together and happy….
When Shohrat left I felt that now on we all are goin to get separated..and I had decided to my self tht I’ll not cry…I thought im strong enough not to cry…
But guys I read this letter and cried for the first time in all these days…still crying…

I need to thank all of u guys…because of all of you today im here…coz u all helped me through out our training…made me laugh wen I was feeling low…
Helped me wen I was ill…Im really very luck to have friends like you…

Please always keep in touch…
And keep smiling…
hey aditi

Jus dont cry and dont say sorry also
with friends the two words sorry n thanku is nt to be mentioned
it feels like a stranger then and now we rnt strangers rite

jus enjoy the day well and always keep enjoying the days ahead
we all shall plan to meet soon
jus smile and hav agreat day ahead

and to all of u jus make these memories the strongest part of ur life and nt as ur weak point
and always do the best


Hav a great day
keep smiling
Hope u all will remember me….(and im sorry if iv heart any of u ever….)

Hey Tanaz,

U are absolutely right; thts why I had decided not to cry, however the way u hav written tht mail…
I dunno water just came out of my eyes…coz I think I really miss u all…..

Lets see when we all can meet now…

Enjoy ur day…
Take care,
Anonymous said…
hii ,tanaz
we ll always rememeber those
gud time we had with our entire
class and specially
bye bye bye and all ...........:)
gosh!! wht a gud time we had ...

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