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Caves of the Elephants

Elephanta Caves  are a  World Heritage Site  and a collection of cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god  Shiva , with a lot of Shivalings. They are located on  Elephanta Island , or  Gharapuri  (literally "the city of caves"). It is about a 1 hr boat ride from The Gateway of India. Living in Mumbai for more than 30+ years i had never visited them and so was the case with my girl friends !! So we three decided to go and visit it, like a check mark to our list of things to do in Mumbai :P There are a lot of local hawkers selling variety of things on the way to the caves, which is about 120 steps up hill. The caves are mostly damaged, but still recently a lot of restoration is done and there are guards kept to ensure people do not misuse things. There are a lot of people trying to be guides, however it is better to read up rather than spending money on the guides. The three faced statue (Trimurti) is the most beautiful and  considered a masterpie


Recently it was my fathers bday and my sister wrote a wonderful writeup. It brought up a lot of horrid memories of the past year, but its mainly to educate others of the deadly virus  "E NTEROCOCCUS" In this post, i am just promoting my sisters post Happy Bday Dad!!  :P I urge each one of you to read that !! Once again wishing dad a Happy 65