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So finally even the last semester got over !!!
wht can i say three years of full fun n masti
all over!!
but one gud thing we hav the best memories ever
and even when i rite some of them here i am sure each one has a new tale to tell u
each one has his own view and may be i may nt remm and put down all wht i feel as i am sure there is much more than jus the things i rite
so lets nt waste time and let me begin

coll starts i am yet nt sure wht to do enng or bsc . going to coll
meeting new ppl having fun
first person i talked to was kavita
then we start regular coll
everyday some new faces
everyday some friends leaving n going
still enjoying
we meet our seniors
they hav kept a freshers party for us
plead us to come
we as freshers r scared so reluctant didnt know wht fun we missing
jus a few ppl of abt 15 said yes
party was arranged , i had nt been there
but i still remm tht day when party was arranged we had no lecs so
all of us started to play dum sharas in class
nt jus 4-5 but a lot of 25 of us were playing
tht was the begening of our friendship

now began we knowing each other well
we used to visit one anothers house when ever possible
we even visited mount mary
also went to bandra bandstand
and worli sea face
and all this in grps of 20
fun was always there
oh how we miss it

then came exams all studying hard for them
each one trying to do their best
results were out some were happy some were sad
yet smiling since there is always next time

then came the next sem
we came across a subject called psdc (personality skills development course)
again a subject full of fun
first lec and we are given partners and we hav to speak to them and then to the class abt them
my partner was sam
and tht was the first time we came to know his full name sudarshan
then came our first project and all were busy doing tht
again with fun
and then teasing lijo sir his complains
we gave him his best new years gift
a complain
he had even cried in class
oh wht days those were
still he taught us and we learnt

then next year came miss seema oh she was one torture
somehow taught us for two sems and then she herself left
hehe but we did trouble her
remm sushils incident of bk banging
and her asking sushil tum fail ho gaye
and then we teasing sushil

then we also had floods tht year
so much water
life was in danger yet all were saved
ashu gaurav went walking to dombilvali
shrikants house was totally under water
divya rita kavita n binda spent 3 days at someone elses place
vikas shohef ashu gaurav priyesh n priyesh were at some ones elses house for a day
they hav their own tale to tell for tht day
the day no one can forget

later we had one of our seniors passing away
we all even though didnt know her personally were really shaken up

then came the third year
well final year all nt yet ready still coll starts of soon
we hav our teachers shouting at us for bad results of previous sem
all of them warning us to study well
n hard saying its nt easy nt easy to pass

then we had a little lec abt to start searching for projects and start doing
ppl are nt able to complete
so do it frm now this n tht

then came exams within no time to breath
all again busy studying
later we had fun going to goa n relaxing a bit

it was feb n no results yet
never delayed them so late
and they had declared date for finals in march
ppl assumed we would get both results to gether

but then there was a strike and dates were postponed to may
and results were out on 14th feb
such a lovely day na
now we all are busy studying for our exam in may

none of us can forget those memories of coll
and it will always be as fresh as ever
i wish all of u the best of luck do tc
and do welllllllllllllllll

And well yes all those reading this blog if i missed on nething do post it in the comment it will be fun to read
hav fun bbye


Anonymous said…
You forgot about me the way i ran home.......
Tanaz Kerawala said…
tht was rajarams comment and the way he ran home on the 26th
when there were floods nt waiting for neone

so rajaram u can be a little elaborative oki

and well we all can forget u for tht since we all ran for our lives
since it was pouring like helll
Ashutosh said…
best of luck to u too swee2 though u dnt need it...but still
acha likha hai thode der ke liye sab flashback hoti....:)
Unknown said…
hey u e1 4got abt SUJIT.he was on top of d bus for almost 2 days.

all d best 2 u 2 sweety.I only hope dat we all stay in contact e1 after our luvu.
viruzz said…
hey Tanz
cheers 2 our frndship 1st of all
2 things u missed out on

1) Rajaram an Rita:
Raja acts as if hes drunk an cumes in front of Rita and repeatedly says "tune mere sath aisa kyun kia"
Rita completely screwd furious cant understand wt to do asks Tanaz to take him away .

2)Binda ka kissa:
uska 6ft lamba problem
Anonymous said…
hey good one.. was happy to read some good exp .. wel add some more happenings as it is fun readin..

but u shuld hav added lil bout the MCA
Anonymous said…
Hello! I read this article! Big thanks to author, very interesting. Write more.
Anonymous said…
hie tenaz this is shefali here....well i happened to read ur blog...i must say very well was fun reading....well to tell u something honestly u hav inspired me to write sumthing of dat sort for my own class....heheheh

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