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Hilarious Parsi Surnames


Bootlegger? ..... Daruwalla

Who is dumb? .... Mooga

Those who believe they are Civil Servants? .... Sarkari

Who sells branded booze? .... Jinwalla

Who is into Astrology? .... Tara Chand
The best person to repair machines? ... ENGINEER.

Who tinkers with a short fuse? .... Tester

Who doesn't like rice? .... Naanwalla

Those don't like being called Parsis? ... Malloo

Who think they are cattle owners? ... Bhes sania

A Patriotic Indian Parsi? .... Gandhi

One who likes to scare kids' everyday? .... De boo (The Boo)

Who is brave? .... Bahadur

A religious Parsi? ... Dastur

Who believe they are the custodians of Agiyaris? .... Kathiwalla

Those that want to be Grocers? .... Kaandawalla

A watch repairer? .... Ghadialy

Who has a chance at the Guinness Book of World Records? ....

Who Lives in a castle? .... Killawala

A parsi chauffeur? .... Driver

Who has aspirations of flying/sailing? .... Captain

A corrupt politician? .... Kaalaa Gandhi

Grave Digger? .... Ghorkhodu

Who doesn't give a damn about anything? .... Goli Mar

A Parsi labourer? .... Contractor

Who love dry fruits? .... Mevawalla

Who always likes to wave Bye-Bye? .... Ta-ta

Who thinks he is aristocratic? .... Noble

The teachers of the community? .... Master >

Who thinks bananas to be a source of potassium? .... Kerawalla

Who loves to cook? .... Masalawalla

Who is a Wheeler Dealer? .... Dalal

Those who think they have a military background..... Marshall

Who loves plenty of cats? .... Billi Moria

Who agrees with everybody? .... Jee Jee Bhoy

What do you call a nalli daru ni batli? .... Nalladaru >

Who is eccentric? .... Mad on

Who has gas problems? .... Ka Padia

Who runs around in sheep's clothing? .... Un Walla

A Small Parsi businessman? .... Nallaseth

A Parsi slumlord? .... Bhiwandi Walla

Who loves having a Sweet tooth? .... Gol Walla

Who is a fireman? .... Bambawalla

A skinny Parsi? .... Dandiwalla

Who thinks the cafeteria is his second home? .... Canteenwalla

A Parsi lawyer? .... Vakil

One who's imported from Italy? .... Italia

Who goes around pressing everything? .... Daboo

Who can reproduce at will? .... Ichha-poria

A Parsi Shikari? .... Wagmaroo

African Parsi? .... Zanzibarwala


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