Saturday, August 27, 2005

26th a bad no!!

the no 26 has always bought bad memories be it the earthquake or floods in mumbai all tht hapened was on this date the 26th
26th feb was godhra,
26th jan earthquake,
26th dec tsunami,
26th june gujrat floods,
26th july mumbai floods
and now on 26th august i had one more horrible day
went to coll to jus learn tht shewta one of our seniours jus expired in the morning due to stomach cancer
god she not being well known to all of us still couldnt concentrate on our work even dread to think of lossing someone we know well
hope such a day never comes!!
one request to all ppl do take gud care of urself if not for urself for me!!


Ashutosh said...

well swee2 yeh life hoti kabhi bhi kuch bhi ho sakti, no1 can do nethin no matter how much v take care of ourselves. u shud jus learn to ovrcome things in life thts wht u always tell me
so its jus destiny tht ctrls us

Cool Deepz said...

Destiny is inevitable, if something has to happen on 26th it will, the best we can do is take protective measures to survive the catastrophe.

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