Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Day at juhu beach !!

The day at juhu beach was on wed 9th november
we were 14 of us who went
the pic shows us all except ashutosh

frm top left corner merzad sam vineet kavita myself shohef
second line left priyesh manoj sujit vikas rajaram
third row left priyesh and divya
ashutosh was clicking the picture so isnt here he is in the pic below

some other pics we clicked

we giving bbday bumps to ashutosh

shohef with his long lost love

manoj and ashutosh

shohef and merzad

vikas with girls

hope we have such picnics again and again!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Go Goa ,365 days!!!!

Wondering what this title means its very simple,
its abt my holiday i spent at goa jus a week ago.
we had been there on the 2nd to the 6th.
ill rite down wht we did each day

DAY 1:(2nd nov)
1st being diwali we had party at home,it ended late ,slept at 12.
then had to get up at 330 since we had the train at 530
we got ready and were at station at 5:00
but to our bad luck the train was an hour late
so we were waiting at the station for an hour
finally the train came ,we started our journey
some names of station i remm thane, panvel ,chiplun, ratnagiri, thivim
thivim was the station we had to get down but it seems tht the station never was to come
train which was an hour late became 3hrs late
after a tiring train journey finally at 4pm the train reached thivim station and we got down
after the train journey we had to go to mellorosa
mellorosa yea this was the name of the hotel we had to stay in
it was an oki sort of hotel,food was dam gud there
it took us another hour to reach there
after tht we went to calungute beach which was near by
abt 15 mins away
then there we had fun we got wet had scooter rides which was great fun
wanted to go for para sailing but tht was too expensive so couldnt go
then back to hotel and slept.

DAY 2:(3rd nov)
2nd day we again went to the same beach
this time i didnt get wet others got fully wet
we had fun at the beach
then ate lunch
back to hotel
as we came back the other grp joined us
their train was on time
we were told to get dressed within 15mins and leave
the bus was already waiting we tried n hurried
later we were taken to fort auguda
but we couldnt reach on time
and so went jus till the tip
saw taj hotel
it was lovely
also saw the point shown in dil chahta hai
where they three sit
saw tht and back to the hotel
ate dinner and slept

DAY 3:(4th nov)

we again goto see fort auguda
it was a nice place
nice scenery could be seen
from there we goto fort baga
eat lunch there
and back to hotel
all goto sleep
farah does swiming
we spend rest of the day at the hotel
play antakshari and have loads of fun
have dinner and are trying to arrange to go for the disco but couldnt as no transport
so then try and arrange music in the hotel but to our vain no enough voltage also
so then finally we go n sleep

DAY 4: (5nov)

this day we get ready on time and start at 11 then goto old goa to see the churches
the churches we saw were wonderful something to see once in life
if i can will scan some photos later
the first we saw was st peters church
it was a church which kept his body
which hasnt decomposed at all
it has no chemical also
to check this out his hand was also cut
also one of his toe was cut by some person to see if it is true
it jus makes us believe tht miracles do happ
the body is kept unclosed once in ten years
last year it was unclosed on 3rd dec 2004
so now on 3rd dec 2014 it will be unclosed again
then frm this church we went to a church which was jus opp
dont remm its name there was a cross there which was at a time continously growing
but now it has stopped
any person suffering badly is given a piece of this wood and is said to be cured
its a belief dunno if its true
from there we went to panjim city where we ate lunch
then did some cashew shopping
then had to rush for the river cruise
the river cruise was dam boring
its better at gateway
less crowed at least
there was a disco running down by the time we went there
the cruise reached the destination:(
bad luck again
so from there we went to calngute beach for dinner
after dinner we went on the dance floor
nd we danced like mad ppl
there was a foreigner who dance like a maniac on woh lamhe
and he requested for it again too
then from there we were to goto night market
but the bus driver said its too late and he didnt take us
so went to the hotel and had to sleep

DAY 5:(6th nov)

we were at the hotel itself
did all the packing
then we ate lunch n left for thivim station agin
after an hours ride reached there
again to find out tht the train is an hour and a half late
so again waiting
finally train arrived at 345pm
reached bbay at 1
finally my sweet home
was really missing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!